About Arpino Cement

Pasquale Rea playing the accordion
Pasquale Rea, our Father, playing the accordion

Our father Pasquale (Pat) Rea started this company in 1969, and we have remained a family business throughout the years. The name Arpino comes from the town our family is from in Italy. We are fully licensed and insured, serving the greater tri-county area. Between Pat, Dave, and Donnie, we have over 105 years of combined experience. Let us educate you through the process and provide you the concrete solutions available to you.


Why We are Different

The key to our success is that upon initially meeting with you, one of the first things you will hear us say is that our goal is to educate you on all of your options. Secondly, we will provide you with three different prices to fit your needs. Our three packages are designed to make you feel comfortable. Our packages include:

  1. Competitor's Package

    This is the standard package that any of my competitors will offer you.

  2. Premium Package

    This package is designed around the premium materials that are best suited for a 4-season climate.

  3. Ultimate Contractor's Package

    This is what the concrete professional would do for his own home. It's ideal for the more complicated jobs and offers the most options.

The three packages above offer a variety of options. You can modify a package with our a la carte options from any package, tailoring it specifically for your needs. All jobs include removal of existing concrete, grass and dirt, and a full job site cleanup just like our father Pasquale taught us.

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Arpino, Italy - where our family is from