When are footings or ratwalls needed? Typically, there are necessary when building a garage (for the floor), building on a patio or Florida room, for brick or block porches and patios, and sheds. There are a number of different factors that go into how deep and wide they must be, and depend on the type of application and city where you live. This is because of the regional differences, which we explain in our City Guide

When a contractor is providing a quote, they are looking at the degree of difficulty that the footings require, due to things like trees, roots, clay, existing footings, and so on. These all contribute to a more intensive project. Luckily, Arpino Cement has the knowledge and skill to tackle these issues and any others that come up so you have no surprises during your project. 

Also of note is that footings require a permit, and most cities require an easement of 6 feet off of the back of the property lines, and 3 feet on the sides. Some cities might have slight variations in those numbers, but we work with all of the cities in Metro Detroit and know exactly what needs to be done.