Garage floors are much more susceptible to failure when they are not done correctly. At Arpino, we know how to properly install a garage floor so you can be assured that it will last. For example, we always completely cover the perimeter with Rubber Reflex Expansion Joints, to allow for expansion of concrete while also acting as a termite barrier. You can read more about why we choose to use Reflex on our Materials page. Another way we have perfected garage floors is how we implement saw cuts in the proper areas. We focus on the footing and entrance to the garage, where most of the abuse on the concrete occurs, and also divide up the rest of the garage evenly with saw cuts. 

An important factor in garage floors is making sure to account for water drainage. Imagine pulling in your garage during a torrential downpour, or worst, tons of snow on your car. As it makes its way from your car to the driveway, it is imperative to make sure that water has a place to drain. As an option, we can install a small drain area, if needed, to facilitate this water movement, and protect your garage.

We always do a hand finish on our garage floors, and also recommend the sealant protection since garage floors typically see the same weather that your driveway does. We also recommend Dow Corning Caulking in all saw cut areas. This product is contractor grade, and not something you can find at a home improvement store yourself. Learn more about our sealants and caulks on our Materials and Options page.