Patios, unlike a driveway, actually have many different options and choices. There are different design considerations such as being round, square, or other. You can have different heights or tiers, or make have the entire patio be flat. Another great option is the ability to color the concrete for your patio, which can serve as a nice design element. Patios can be designed to be added onto later with a brick border and foundation to give the best design feature. We can walk you through all of those options plus the finish type (broom finish, hand finish, or a wavy broom finish).

We always recommend protecting all patios with a sealer, due to the Michigan winters we have here. Snow left on a patio can be harsh on the concrete, and sealing it will make it last much longer. We use a water based Concrete Sealant at Arpino for our patios. You can learn more about that on our Materials page.